Click to read, right-click to download.Click here for my essay on whether homosexuality is a matter of choice and what is the reason behind the high number of suicides among young homosexuals.

The essay, which discusses homosexuality, and touches upon bullying  as well as social networking and its implications, was inspired by a group of  Facebook users from Winnipeg, MB. Rebecca Fada, a Facebook “friend of a friend”, posted on her Facebook page a link to an e-video, which attacks those who “hate homosexual marriages” and raises funds for the fight of homosexuals to marry whoever they love.

My objection to the e-video  unleashed an unprecedented online attack against me – at a personal level – from Rebecca Fada and her friends.

I dedicate this essay to victims of all kinds of bullying. Also to Eric, one of Rebecca Fada’s friends and all other “Erics”, who – like him – dare to come forward with reasonable questions about their homosexuality. Unfortunately, such questions – to their vast majority – remain unanswered, just like Eric’s questions in this case.

Click here to view the essay, which is preceded by the on-line “discussion”.

Update: February, 2022: Messages on Messenger from Rebecca Fada:

Feb 5, 2022, 9:27 PM
Hi Al,

Would you be willing to speak to me on a phone call by chance?


Feb 5, 2022, 10:01 PM
I’m not sure if you have rec’d my message from 2020 or today so I’m going to try and attempt to add you as a friend incase these messages are going in your junk/other box. I hope this is not too forward. Looking forward to hopefully talking if you are willing.


Feb 6, 2022, 11:16 AM
I completely understand that your lack of response is a response. I respect this and will not contact you further. I’m removing myself from social media permanently today. The exchange we had 12 years ago is something I think about periodically and was hoping before I shut down my accounts permanently we could speak and I could explain that day…. What was happening in my life….What happened that led to that moment etc. You don’t owe me that in the least but it was a hope/thought that perhaps we could talk. I accept that won’t be.

Wishing you nothing but good vibes as we all do our best to navigate this short life.


Update: September 17, 2020: Message on Messenger from Rebecca Fada:

Hi Al,

10 years ago you wrote on a facebook post of mine and I replied with some pretty embarrassing and degrading language. I wanted to apologize for this. I googled my name and saw your response from your personal website. I’m not writing this for you to take it down. I’ve accepted a long time ago this will remain part of my digital footprint. Nonetheless, despite contradicting beliefs, its language and a type of engagement with another human being that wouldn’t happen today. When I read my message to you, I feel sad seeing what an angry and hurtful person I used to be. It’s true that hurt people try and hurt people. It’s not a justification or an excuse but it is what it is. I am grateful for my growth and I hope you accept my sincere apology for the foolishness of my previous self.

All the best.