Celebrations for 250 years from Beethoven’s birth were moved from 2020 to 2021 due to Covid.

Here are some incredible and very creative renditions honoring the composer’s 5th Symphony.

The creator of this animation says:

“I spent over 3 months synchronizing a line rider track to Beethoven’s 5th drawing everything by hand.

Any time a character leaves the screen they are being directed by unseen lines to the next location.

This is not the full length of the piece. I spliced together parts to make it possible for me to finish the project in a practical amount of time. I don’t think my sanity could handle 3 more months of this song.

YouTube post processing seems to create a few millisecond audio delay if you are watching on the mobile YouTube app. If you notice this, watching the video in any web browser won’t have this problem.”

For more information open the video on YouTube directly.

185 students from the Saint-Michel-Garicoïts de Cambo school in France celebrate Beethoven in a spectacular body percussion fashion.