Here are the requirements for the OMAC Black Belt 2nd dan.

A1. Patterns (Poomsae) (With links to video):

  1. Keumgang – Official Kukkiwon pattern for WTF Black Belt 2nd dan.
  2. Sung-gook-Kwon
  3. Ship-Soo
  4. Pal-Bung-Moo
  5. Chul-gi EE dan

Notes for the Patterns

The spelling for patters #2 to #5 was given to me by Master Harrison.

The video for #1, Keumgang is the official video from the Kukkiwon, and shows the officially recognized way of performing this pattern. Videos #2-#5 are performed by Master Ray Dae Hyun Kwon (4th dan) of OMAC Burlington. I shot the videos in Spring 2012, and edited accordingly with music and an ever-important slow motion part.

#5 Chul-gi EE dan appears to be an adaptation from the 2nd degree Shotokan karate kata known as “Tekki Nidan”.

A2. Patterns, weapons

  1. The Bo Staff,
  2. The Short Stick (Dan Bong)
  3. The Sword, Gumdo, Sangsoo Gumbup, #2 (Video here)

B. 1-step Sparring, defense against knife attacks, 1 to 9.

C. Olympic Sparring sampling

D. Break – Two concrete bricks, 4cm each. (A video of my break is at the bottom of this page.)